Monday, June 17, 2013

Livin' It Up Like a Cholo

We have no idea what that means but that's the title of Elder Jaussi's e-mail this week.

As far as the mission division.... drum roll please, Mexican accordions, tubas, trumpets...... I'm staying here in Mérida! The mission President is scheduled to arrive the 28th of June but I'm thinking for sure he'll be here the first of July. All these changes sure do make for some exciting times in the offices. I'm excited for the change and hopeful that it will be a good one. 

Also, a lot of missionaries that are good friends of mine went home this week because they had finished their missions. It is also my assignment to make sure they get to the airport and they have their passport and such ready to go so that made for a fun few days waking up at 3 AM to take [those with visa problems] , 5 AM for the immigration line, 3 AM for airport again and on and on. It was sad to see them leave but it was really fun to be with an Elder when his parents came to pick him up in the airport. He had me film him running up to them. I had chills and I wasn't even the one seeing my parents. Haha

Taylor, feeling a little tired around the edges?

With one of his "hijos", Elder G.
 Immigration offices?

Here in Centro, we are working really hard with our Ward Mission leader. He is a returned missionary and newly married and he is really excited that we are his new missionaries. He loves our "ánimo" (don't remember that either in English) and we have started to set goals for the area. Apparently there haven't been baptisms here for a long time so we're about to change that. Tonight we're having a lesson at his house with three of his friends and we'll see how that goes. We fasted yesterday for the lesson so I'm pretty stoked you could say! Things are just pluggin’ along as usual in the good ol' Yucatán!

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