Monday, June 3, 2013

Training.....deja vu

Taylor's companion was transferred back to the mission field in Cancun so he is now training another Executive Secretary in the Merida offices.  His new companion, Elder M. is from Missouri.  He says he is a great guy and very upbeat.  He wants to speak Spanish all the time.  Taylor asks that we keep him in our prayers so that all goes well with the immigration issues that he handles.  He says he would like to have had more time to be trained himself. 

Elder J. isn't sure if this recent change means that he will be going to the new Cancun mission or not.   He says, "a donde me mande ire Senor" ("I'll go where you send me, Lord").   He was wondering if they would find out about their new assignments this week in their office meeting.  Since the new mission will be established in July, he will most likely know before too long.

They moved recently to new mission offices for Merida.  The new address for mailing letters is now listed at the right.  Here are a couple of photos of their new place:

With Elder A. leaving, Taylor was made the new district leader again.  He gave a baptismal interview this last week and says that he really enjoys that experience.  He says that if the baptismal candidate is ready, you really feel it. 
Taylor with his former companion, Elder A. and with his new companion, Elder M.

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