Monday, June 24, 2013

The Days Are Just Packed!

Hola todos!

Yesterday Presidente invited us to go to his house and eat to say thanks for all that we do here in the offices. It was a really fun time but sad at the same time because he is going and so are the other missionaries to Cancun. I have learned a lot being with him (Presidente) here and I really respect him. Also, apparently he really likes basketball and he goes to play in a park here in Merida every Monday with some friends. Last night before we went to his house, he asked us to prepare him some bags with church DVD’s, the Book of Mormon and some other LDS goodies because he is going to contact all the guys he plays basketball with and give them the bags. When he said that, I asked him "Do you go play a lot President?" He told me yes and then I jokingly asked him "Me invita Presidente?" (You want to invite me, President?) He kinda paused for awhile like he didn't know what to say and then he said... "Si Elder pero ya nos queda poco tiempo, asi que no sé cuando podamos." (Yes, Elder, but we don’t have much time left so I don’t know when we would be able to) I didn't lose the faith though, because just before we left his house I made a comment about basketball and he said, "Elder Jaussi, ¿sabe qué? Voy a jugar este lunes por la última vez. A las 7 voy a estar allá y le invito a jugar conmigo desde las 7 hasta las 8. ¿Que le parece?" (Elder Jaussi, You know what?  I am going to play this Monday for the last time.  I will be there at 7 and I invite you to play with me from 7 to 8.  How does that sound?) Oh, me parece muy bien President! (Oh, it sounds really good) So all in all... I'm going to play ball with the President this week. I guess you could say I'm pretty excited! Haha
 The gathering at the home of Pte. and Hermana Salinas
This week has been a good one as far as the real mission work goes, but only in Hunucmá, the pueblo outside of Mérida. Centro is a little bit tough but we found a few new investigators this week. The weather has been pretty crazy with streets flooded all Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday and Thursday the heat pounding in like nobody's business. (I hear The Heat was pretty crazy too, eh??? Yay LeBron!) We've been working a lot with our ward mission leader and his wife and they are one of the reasons I am happy to stay here in Mérida. I am happy to be here in good ol' Mérida. Also, because we're two doors down from the temple in the new offices, I'll be able to see [the people from] Valladolid every month when they visit. That was pretty much the biggest reason I would want to go to Cancun, to see all of my peeps from Valla. Today, a sister told me that she was bringing cake next month so that they can celebrate my one mark with me. I really love those people in that ward. 

This last Sunday our ward counselor asked us right before church started if I could give a talk and it took me by surprise. It's one thing in English, but another in Spanish. Don't get me wrong, I feel very blessed with my abilities with the language, very blessed, but not so much in improvising talks... Anywaysss..... I'm excited to see what good we can do here, Elder R. and I. He's my new comp for the next week. 
This is one of the latest covers created for Elder Jaussi's planner from photos that we have sent to him.  We are always close to him....in his shirt pocket.  :)

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