Saturday, June 29, 2013

"You Say Good-by, But I Say Hello"

Elder Jaussi's e-mail today was pretty short.  He requested that we not stone him for it, but then said it would be pretty hard to throw a rock across the Gulf of Mexico.  :)

The new mission president, Pte. Garcia, and his wife arrived today.  The week has been very busy getting things ready for Pte. Salinas to leave and Pte. Garcia to come.  They also had to say good-by to all the missionaries who were leaving for the new Cancun Mission.

Taylor said that a special thing that happened this week was that Pte. Salinas gave his missionaries a blessing before he left.  He didn't detail what was said but says he prefers to share that with us in person some day.  He will miss Pte. Salinas and said that it was hard to say good-by.

We didn't get details about the game, but it appears from the photo that T was able to play basketball with Pte. Salinas after all.  From the look on his face, we would say that he enjoyed it very much.

Elder Jaussi has a new companion, Elder R.  When we asked him how long he would have this companionship (his last few have not lasted too long as they were in an office training mode) he says that it will probably be awhile.  Elder. R. has been out 22 months and may finish up there in the office with Taylor.

Taylor was able to go to the Worldwide Leadership Training about missionary work last Sunday and loved it.  He was disappointed that very few members from their ward came.  All the same, it made him ready to go out and baptize the world. 

One of the blessings of  having the offices so close to the Merida Temple is that Taylor is able to see members from his old areas in Valladolid when they come to the temple.  This is a group of young men from Temozon, a small town near Valladolid. 

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