Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guardian Angel

It has been said many times that Heavenly Father blesses and cares for us through another. We have seen this already in Taylor's time in the mission. We recently had the privilege of meeting Bro. Gary Taylor. He is a local member here who has gone to Mexico to establish a business and provide employment for people there in Temoson who are in need of it. Taylor had told us about Brother Taylor and how he always asks if he can give them a ride, accompany them to teach, feed them, give them referrals. He was the one who requested that they come to the little town of Temoson from Valladolid to teach some of the people he has referred. He does whatever he can to assist them in their work and truly is an angel to them. This week he hand-delivered a card from Taylor for his brother's birthday. We had a nice visit and he offered to take something back for him. We packed up a small box and sent it with him to be delivered when he returns to Mexico at the end of the month. Missions and the Church give us so many opportunities to meet wonderful people.

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