Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Por Fin!

At last we received e-mails from Elder Jaussi who went missing last week.  Turns out that there was a glitch and he got a message back saying that the e-mail failed to send last week.  So, we received both of them this week along with a couple of photos.  Here are some excerpts from his e-mails and a couple shots of his handsome mug.
This week we had our first baptism!!!!!! (hallelujah chorus blaring in the background) David Dzul was baptized by his older brother who was baptized about 4 weeks ago. I wasn't really sure how I was going to feel exactly but let me tell you the spirit was electric. (If it can be that) Their mom isn't a member and isn't so sure about the whole Mormon thing but you should have seen the two boys' faces. They were so darn happy. It was really awesome. Elder Villanueva and I got to be the witnesses.
I did receive mail last week in our district meeting!!! One was a letter-letter and there were two DearElders. The dates were pretty close so I would just let people know they can use whatever they like best. I personally prefer real letters but I think DearElders are always a safe bet. So, either way works best for me.
The food and water has done a number on me here.  My stomach has had better days. I think I'm slowly getting accustomed to it all but it has been quite rough. Not to worry though, the work is still going boldly on!
Bishop asked me to teach piano to those who wanted to learn. (pray for me in that!!!) I've been playing every week in reunion sacramental (sacrament meeting) and every week all the little niños gather around and look at me like I'm doing some voodoo magic. It's really cute, some of the questions they ask me. "Can everyone in Jewtah (Utah) play the piano" "Wow, you know how to do that???" I think that should help a lot to build unity in the ward as well as help us find more people to teach. Until then, we'll just keep working hard!
This saying is found all around the city of Valladolid--"Valladolid, how I love you!"

Elders Lopez, Jaussi and Villanueva (companion)

This morning, Elder Villanueva and I found a nasty looking bug/scorpion/I don't know what crawling under our hammocks. (see photo above) Did I say it was nasty? Yeah, that is an understatement. It scared the eeby jeebys out of me! Elder Villanueva said something like they have been known to make people really sick and sometimes die. That was comforting. Needless to say, we killed that thing without a trial!

Well fam, (and whoever may receive this by way of forward) I love you all more than I can say, and I really mean it. Thanks so much for the emails and letters, both are much appreciated!

Love, Elder Jaussi


  1. Yay for letters! I love how he tells things :)My favorite part was hearing about kids thinking it was so cool that he could play the piano! That was so cute! We love you, Tay!

    1. Yes, he writes like he would talk. :) He still makes me smile even when he's so far away.