Monday, October 8, 2012

Que Onda?

We aren't sure exactly what the title of T's e-mail means, but assume it is something like, "what's going on, What's happening, etc.)  Onda is literally translated, "wave, flicker." 
Baptism of a young man named D.  His older brother actually performed the baptism.  :)
A pretty patio.  No description or title was sent with the photo.

Elders Jaussi and Villanueva at conference time
Taylor writes, "We were able to go to Tizimin (about a hour away) to watch some of conference.  In the bus on the way there I was praying to be able to understand some of it to help me and...it turns out I didn't understand any of the Spanish--because it was in English!!  The Elders from Tizimin (the two gringos,) talked to the stake president so that we could watch it in English.  They know I still can't understand much so they had my back.  All I have to say is that from what I saw, it was probably my favorite conference ever.  Maybe it is because I'm on the mission, I don't know, but it was absolutely potente (cool, awesome)."
Taylor also said that he and the other missionaries were very excited to hear about the changes in age requriements for missionaries.  He asked what his younger brother's thoughts were about it and if his Dad had seen any change yet in the influx of interviews, etc.

Modern-day laundry methods used by missionaries in Valladolid, Mexico
It has still been "scorchin' hot but has cooled down a bit recently with the nonstop rain for about 2 hours each day."  Tay isn't sure where all the water comes from and says that it never seems to stop.
He thanks everyone for their love, support and prayers.  "I think that is what is helping me most."  He continues to need us to pray for him and Elder Villanueva to be able to receive referrals and to find people to teach. 


  1. I was thinking, wow you got that letter fast after conference and then realized it was an email! Silly me! Seems like I remember learning Que Onda in high school and my teacher explained that it's just another phrase like que pasa, etc. That's so neat he got to watch conference in English :) I'm sure in another 6 months at conference time he'll be full on ready for the Spanish version :)

  2. Thanks, Janelle. I had never heard that "dicho." I'm finding more and more differences in my Spanish (the version that is "puro y divino) and what he is speaking. Kind of like English-English and American English. I'm wondering if I will actually be able to understand him when he gets home!