Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

We're not sure of the significance of this photo other than that it represents what Taylor and all the other missionaries throughout the world are doing--following the Savior's invitation to become "fishers of men."  We'll have to ask him why he took and sent this photo.

Taylor says that he is absolutely loving the mail and thanks everyone for sending it.  He thinks that the pouch mail arrives quicker than the regular letters but appreciates it all.  He has received letters every week except for the week of transfers.  He is still in Valladolid but apparently, the mail delivery was affected by the transfer day.  He says he is going to try and write back to everyone but for us all not to be too hard on him if he isn't as good as he was in the MTC.  Time is more limited (preparation days are filled and very different there) and it is more difficult to mail things from Mexico, we assume.

Taylor and his companion, Elder Villanueva, spoke again in Sacrament meeting and he took on the topic of keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  He felt like that was something the ward really needed, as so many come to sacrament meeting and then leave to go home and play soccer or fly kites.   He hoped that he didn't say anything too offensive because he really does love the ward.  The Bishop thanked him afterward for what he said, so he thinks maybe the talk was okay.

Taylor ended his e-mail with the request that we keep him in our prayers so that he will begin to understand the people better when they speak.  He is still having a difficult time and is a little frustrated with that because he wants to be able to help the people that they are working with.  He says, "Until then, I'll just work on loving them!"

Thanks again to everyone for writing and for your prayers in Taylor's behalf.

Taylor snapped this photo of Elder Villanueva zonked right there on his knees.  :)


  1. Hello! My name is Kevin Shiflett from Gilbert, AZ. I served my mission in the Mexico Merida Mission. I just found your blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading about your son's wonderful experiences thus far en la tierra prometida (the promised land). It brings back so many wonderful memories. I actually just got back from the peninsula where I spent a week visiting my areas. I go back once a year to make sure everyone's doing well. Thanks for the blog and I proud to see the wonderful, dedicated work of your son. BTW...the picture of Christ and the fishers is a picture on his missionary agenda. Missionaries cover the front and back of the agenda with pictures to personalize them.

  2. Kevin, Thanks for your comment and explanation of Taylor's missionary agenda. Makes sense.

    Did you serve with Pte. Salinas or before that? It's great that you are able to return to your areas. --Susan Jaussi, Elder Jaussi's Mom :)

  3. No, I actually served under Presidente Lagunes. He was two presidents ago. I served from Feb 2005- Feb 2007.