Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Placentero Nos Es Trabajar" 10-15-2012

The best guess at translation of this week's title is "It is pleasant to us to work, or we find the work is pleasant." Anyway....  apparently it was a very good week. 
Taylor and Elder Villanueva have been teaching this young boy and he was baptized.  Taylor had the privilege of performing the ordinance and that was wonderful for him.  He said that he lives with his grandmother and that she teaches the gospel to her grandchildren.  They have even started waking up at 6 to read the Book of Mormon together.  "C. says he doesn't mind waking up early though, because he feels good after reading."  Taylor says he wishes he could have been more like that when he was his age, or even more like him a year ago!  He was nervous about performing the baptism but it all went well.  He wondered if C. was okay through the baptism but felt like he was when he gave him a big hug at the top of the stairs leading into the font.  He said, "What a guy!  I love his little brother too."  It appears that they are "buen amigos" here in the photo below.

Elders Villanueva, Jaussi and C.
Taylor and his companion had a great experience with a less active member, teaching a lesson and then encouraging him to return to church.  The member confided some concerns to them and T says that it was a wonderful experience.  They assured the member that they would be praying for him.  He said, "I don't know why he told us all that he did but he kept telling us that he really trusted us.  We've only taught him one time before.  I know that we can help him....I am starting to find out why missionaries get so excited about teaching people because of the feeling I felt when I was talking to this Hermano (brother).  It is hard to describe.  I can't say I've ever felt it before.  It is a pretty good feeling though, helping others come unto Christ."
"Sean felizes!  Sean Mormones!"  (Be happy!  Be Mormons!)

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